A new summer for Team Lyngen

The summer is back! The spring came early this year, and also gave us some changes in the team.

The winter was good but didnt give us much snow, so the last dogsled trip was on May 2.nd. Now on May 27.th the grass and the trees are green and the sledging season is over.

Our good old queen Mille past away on March 10.th, at the age of 13,5. The cancer got to her and teh last weeks she got weaker, and on that day, she started to get real sick. We had to take the sad phonecall and ask for the veterinary to come.

Another bad news we got in April was that the other blond dog, Lisa, at the age of 10,5 got lounge cancer. As she is getting weaker she will too pass away before the summer is over…

Buster, the brown star have also left us, but in a good way. He now live with the family that wanted him. He now live a luxury life with a lot of love. I get pictures of him almost every day, and he got a big smile on his face.

The 5 puppies born last summer started their dogsled training in March as planned. Varri, Sari, Aika, Alfa and Skippi are all doing very well. Sari even took the lead of the team on her 3.rd run!

We have not planned next season yet. Hopefully we get snow early, and can continue to do good training and make happy guests! Bookings are allready coming in.

We look forward to give you a fantastic experience, and continue to get fantastic feedback and reviews from our guests.

Pictures to this article will come soon… The adult dogs look the same, but I guess many of you also want to see how the puppies are developing. You can also follow the team on Facebook: Team Lyngen



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