Some say the best dogsledging in Norway!

A new season have just started. It is soon September, and bookings for the fall and winter have started coming in.



The days are now cooling down, hopefully we get the first frosty nights soon, and we have started to prepare the season. In average the snow will come in mid November, some years earlier and some years later. A coastal climate make the weather unstable here.

Hopefully it looks like this in a couple of months!


Did you know that we don’t need snow to give you a Husky experience you will remember for the rest of your life? We will do everything we do with snow. The only difference is that we do it on wheels and the price is a bit lower.

We can also offer hikes and take you to beautiful places, far away from the crowds.

You can read more about what we offer, and prices under Away from mass tourism

As we are not connected to the booking agencies that make your trip twice as expencive and don’t pay you back if the trip can’t be done,¬†you can book by contacting Team Lyngen on Facebook, or email us on

You can also read reviews about Team Lyngen on TripAdvisor, and you even find us on Instagram #teamlyngen

Tommy & Ann-Heidi

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