Everything well at Team Lyngen

The 2019/2020 winter season is now over, and as you all know it ended in a very unexpected way.

However, living in Norway is very different from most other countries right now.


Skiing with Varri

It is now May 6.th, it is daylight all night, and as we had lots of snow this winter we still do dogsledging and skiing. Even at sea level!

In Norway we practise social distancing, but the Norwagian way is a bit different from what you may experience. A big country with 5 million people have kept the Covid-19 down to a much lower number than we feared. We can go out into nature skiing or dogsledging as we like, just like normal. We are not meeting that much people anyway.


Picture taken on an evening run in late April. Conditions like February!

It is time to look forward. We lost the income from our small business in the last part of the winter, but as it started earlier than normal the situation is pretty normal. The big unanswered question is what next winter will bring.

We know from experience that doing business with the forces of nature is probably even more challenging than Wall Street, so we were prepared for anything, and a few months without customers can happen for many reasons. Everything from airline crew on strike, Icelandic volcanoes, rainstorms that take all the snow, and now a pandemic deasease.

Being a small company with few dogs make sure the dogs are all good. Right now I am really concerned about the dogs of the companies where the dogs are just an economical interest…

We have also mixed our star Sari with a beautiful dog named Moses, from a musher with both victories and top positions from the cometitions this year, so stay tuned here or on Facebook and Instagram. We hopefully get puppies on July 3.rd!

Hopefully we can bring you out on something like this in 6-7 months!


If you are optimistic about the future, and are using your extra time to plan the next travel when things finally opens up, Norway will be a good and safe place to go.

Our valuta is now much lower compared to the Euro, making your travel a lot cheaper!

And the best thing! To make sure to get dogsledging next winter, you can contact us allready and book! As you don’t have to pay in advance, it is no risk! If you can’t go you just let us know.

If things open up and you want to come before the winter we can offer several things even in the summer.

We offer hikes and take you to beautiful places.

You can visit and play with the huskies.

If it is cold enough (below +10°C) we can do dogsledging on wheels.

You can read more about what we offer, and prices under Away from mass tourism

You can also read reviews about Team Lyngen on TripAdvisor, and you even find us on Instagram #teamlyngen

Tommy & Ann-Heidi

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