Time to look forward

After a silent year, where we are more grateful than ever to live in this safe part of the world, we are now looking forward to what the next years will bring.

Koia, our king at the age of 12, with Tinna, 6 months old. Passing on his wisdom.

Being a small company have felt safe in this situation, and instead of selling or giving away dogs and equipment we have used this year well to prepare for the day when things open up.

Even in this Covid situation we have guests coming, mainly French citizens currently living in Norway (Thank you France) Also Norwegians find their way here, exploring the local possibilities for an unforgettable experience.

Ann-Heidi have her job in the health service, and I (Tommy) have been working alternatively for a while. The government and their socalled support for small businesses continues to give our tax-money to the big companies so they can continue paying their bonuses to the multi-billion-owners…. Guess it works like this everywhere. A part of me want to start in politics, but being as honest as I am will most likely make me hated and probably assasinated by the people who think walking around in suit and tie while eating cake is a hard day at work (:-P)

The news from us are mainly the 7 puppies born here in September 2020. Over the next weeks they are slowly educated to become sleddogs. The number of dogs at Team Lyngen is currently 24, but many are getting old, and even though we will make sure they get a happy senior life here, we know that we will get some sad days over the next years. The circle of life will rotate whether we like it or not…

It is however satisfying to see how the older dogs are passing over their knowledge, behaviour and wisdom to the puppies. Just like our first dogs did to them when they were young. The puppies are playing in the yard together with the adults, adapting to the mood and personality of every single senior dog. We learn something new every day, just by observing them.

The 7 puppies are growing fast. The largest one, Gin is allready bigger that his mother Aika. The children in the neighbourhood have done a great job in socializing them.

From the front: Tinna, Aria, Balder, Katla with Gin to the right, and Roxy in the back. Mack is not in the picture,

We are running our tours as normal, so if you like to come for a Half- or a Full-day trip, or just to play with the puppies, just contact us.

The pictures below is taken on our Full day trip in the heart of the Lyngen alps, and the lower is Balder, the puppy with the big heart. Can you see it? 🙂

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