Time to book an ethical dogsled experience?

Last winter we were almost back to normal after one season lost. Hopefully the 22/23 season will be a good one.

There is one change we can see. Because the dogs are so important, it is a change in our customers we like.

Ethical animal experiences are more important for many. We will now answer some of the questions we get from our guests.

Aika, Uxi and Sari, with young Mack and Roxy behind, welcome you at any time!
Tinna and her uncle Alfa enjoy the last weeks of summer.

Over the last years more and more people ask us about the welfare of sleddogs, and if dogsledding is something the dogs really like to do.

Our guests also ask what the dogs are doing in the summer, and what happens to older dogs.

At Team Lyngen the dogs are living in yards. With their own house. No dogs are on chains here, even though this is still legal in Norway. We even take the collars off when at home.

We have a big yard where the dogs are let out to run free, be social, play… Every day. And to get activity in the 3-4 months it is to warm to run them in front of a sled or wagon.

All our 20 dogs play together. Young and old, Huskies, Nomi and Elsa, and sometimes visiting dogs. On warm days the dogs play slow and we even mount the garden hose to spray water in the air for them to cool in. Water here comes from the many rainy days and melting snow in the mountains, no risk of water shortage.

We believe this is important for the team spirit, and it is fun for them. They also get to use their body language to communicate and build relations to each other. In this way we avoid fights and misunderstandings between the dogs. They even get safer and more confident whenever they meet other dogs, and humans.

The last 6 months, 3 of our older dogs have passed away. 3 of 8 siblings born in 2009. Koia our king, Kiara our queen, and Niva all got cancer and then complications.

The wheel of life is spinning to fast sometimes, but this is something we expect when dogs get 11-13 years old. The rest of our older dogs are all good. A husky can stay healthy for 15 years, even after a life as a sleddog. In these sad moments we always ask ourselves what we could have done better for them.

One of our older dogs are now a family dog. Buster retired 3 years ago as a reward for being the best dog. We get pictures weekly. No doubt about him having a good life! The other oldtimers will run when they like to, and stay home whenever they want to, and let the younger ones do the daily routines. If Somebody we find suitable for it want one as a family dog, that will be great too.

This season we have a partly new team. The puppies are now 1 year old, and will run as adults this winter. The spring was cold and turned out just as we hoped for. We were dogsledding until May 17.th, and the puppies got 1,5 months of quality training. They are now educated for the upcoming season.

They all do well, and if you wonder if they like what they do, come and have a look! 🙂

Katla, smiling on the roof of her house.

The good thing about Team Lyngen not having an online booking system, is that even though you have to write that email to teamlyngen@gmail.com , you don’t have to pre pay, and if the situation change and you have to cancel, you don’t risk your money or have to argue with your travel insurance… Welcome to get an experience far away from mass tourism!

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and updates. You can also book by the Chat there.

From our Full Day Trip
April training
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