The race season 2013 started with the Troms Quest. The race was 2 x 85 km with a 5 hour rest between the two laps.

We finished number 4 of 12 teams starting. The first lap went a bit slow compared to the top 5 teams, but on the second lap we did the second best time. All 8 dogs where in good shape and far from exhausted after the race. The team in this race was: Mille, Mie, Kiara, Mokke, Koia, Buster, Ginkgo and Diko.


Our next race will be the Finnmark Race. It starts in the city Alta on march The race will be 500 km and that will hopefully be done in about 50 hours. That includes about 20 hours on the trail, and 20 hours of rest for the dogs, maybe 4 hours on sleep for me 🙂

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