Away from mass tourism

We are a small company, and you will never experience a crowd or a lot of people here.

You can get a dogsledge experience with us. A short or long trip. The long trip will be totally exclusive for you.

You can come to the kennel in the summer too for a fun experience.

You can hire us for transport of equipment if you want to make a basecamp while skiing in Lyngen.

We can take you out hiking. With or without a husky.

To book, contact us on Email:

You can also contact Team Lyngen on the chat via Instagram and Facebook.

You can pay by card or cash. No pre-pay needed, as we have no problems with people not showing up. In that way you keep your money if we get a snow/rain-storm and all the roads are closed and it is impossible to dogsled…

Winter activities for you:


By contacting us you can experience dogsledding and the nature in Lyngen and the Lyngen Alps in a new way. We offer two different trips. Half day- and Full day trip.

We have warm suits, Sorel boots, gloves and hats for you. Warm and dogproof clothing. It is icluded. We can also go in the dark and on clear nights we often get good Northern Lights. I will provide headlamps for the dark.DSC09541

Half-day dogsled experience: NOK 1100 per person


You are welcome to visit the kennel here at Karnes. This is a shorter trip, but a fun and popular experience. Drive your own team of 4 Huskies in the woods and on the fields around the farm. Emty sled!

You will get a personal experience with the dogs and pet and play with them all toghether in the open area of the dogyard before and after the dogsledding.UtavHundgard

Afterwards you will get a cup of coffee or tea by a campfire on the beach and get answer’s to your questions about almost anything.

I am local, and if one of my emplyees are here that day, she will also have a lot of knowledge about both the dogs and most other things about this area.

Capasity: 2-6 people. (Not suitable for children under 8)

Full-day trip: NOK 1900 per person.


The Alaska Huskies in the team are friendly, calm, and socialised. They are happy to give you a sledride you never forget.

We can bring two persons at a time, three is possible on demand. (Not suitable for children)

This is in other words perfect for couples, or two or three travelling together.

The Full-Day trip is great from February to mid April. In December and January it is possible to do it, but it is often poor snow conditions and cold. We can do it in darkness too. We will provide good lamps for the sleds and it will give you the possibility of seeing Northern Lights from beautiful and spectacular places.


By dogsledging with Team Lyngen, you are guaranteed to enjoy the trip alone with the guide and the huskies. In contrast to buying a trip from the bigger companies where you risk to run in a queue with many others. Since I do the job myself, and are born and raised here, I can guarantee a local guide with good knowledge about the Lyngen Alps and this dogsport. My English is good.

The way we do it is that we go out with two or three sleds. I will run the first one, and you follow on each your sled behind. If you don’t feel comfortable with driving yourself, one of you can sit on my sledge.

We will make a stop out there to make a campfire and some coffee or tea. Please bring lunch for yourself, as I would brake any food-safety regulation ever made if I serve food out with the dogs 🙂

If we go in the dark, we will hopefully see some good northern lights out in the wild. We will be out with the dogs for at least 4-5 hours, and depending on area and snow conditions go 18 to 25 km. You have the chance to take pictures and get answers to anything you wonder about


You have to be reasonable fit, used to outdoor activities and in general be in good health as this trip is demanding. Not suitable for children

For 2-3 people.

Without Snow: NOK 500 / 800 per person

Without snow you can still come here and play with the dogs in the dogyard. Maybe you have a fear of dogs and whant to get rid of that fear? I can make it dissapear in less than 30 minutes 🙂

Since we can have more people on this option you might not be alone, but it will never be large groups.  If it is below 10°C we can go dogsledging in wheels.

You will spend 4 hours here.   20181025_121515

For 2 – 8 people.

Easy/Medium demanding.

Transport of equipment:

We can transport equipment and do other support for downhill skiers, cameracrew and campers. The load capasity for the sled is app. 100 kg.

It is also possible for 2-3 persons to put the backpacks on the sledge and be towed. On a good trail you get 15 km in one hour. Doing this the load on the sledge can not exceed much more than 50 kg.




Meet the dogs:

In the summer you also have the possibility to visit the kennel. If you dare to play with all the huskies at the same time you can. That can be a real adrenalin rush if your not used to having a lot of huskies running around you. Maybe you are afraid of dogs and whant to get rid of that fear? I can make it dissapear in less than 30 minutes, I promise! 🙂

You can get good answers about most things about this sport, the dogs and other things. If it is a cold summer day you can experience how we train before we get snow.

Hire me as a guide:

Bilde 008

You can also hire me as a guide for hiking in the Lyngen Alps in the summertime. With or without a couple of Huskies.

I can bring you places where no tourists are going.

You decide how demanding the trip will be.

If you need a pathfinder to get somewhere or you want to learn more about this area while hiking.

Contact me and we make a plan.

The boring money -talk……

Full-day trip: NOK 1900 per person.

If you spend time here in Lyngen, and stay in a place where we can start from, or have a car avilable so you can transport yourself the trip will cost NOK 1900 per person. As most of our guests stay on a local resort, or have a rental car, we do not offer transport from e.g Tromsø. Locally we can help you.

The experience is physical demanding, but you don’t have to be more than a normally healthy person to do this.

If you stay somewhere they offer transport for you to get here, they will normally charge you a bit for that. We can help you with this too.

Half-Day dogsled experience: NOK 1100 per person

If you come to the farm here at Karnes to dogsled, you will get a shorter trip. You will drive your own team of Huskies on the trail on and around the farm. it will cost NOK 1100 pr person. Kids under 14 free when followed by adults.

If the conditions are to bad to dogsled and you just want to pet and play with the dogs it will only cost NOK 600 pr person. Remember that “Coat-therapy” can heal most conditions…

This option is less physical demanding, and you have the possibility of just sit on a guide’s sled instead of driving your own team.

If you stay somewhere they offer transport for you to get here, they will normally charge you a bit for that. We can help you with that too.

Before the snow comes, Kennel visit: NOK  800 / NOK 500 per person

For a visit at the kennel, to pet and play with the dogs: NOK 500 per person. Under 14 years free when followed by adults. If the temperature is right, and you like to try, we can do a run on wheels and you get to experience how we prepare the dogs for the season. If we can do dogsledging on wheels it will be NOK 800.

Hiking with or without Husky:

NOK 900-1800 per person. For this we need to make a plan about where to go. A short trip will be less expencive than a long trip..

Transport of equipment:

For transportation of equipment, contact me and we will agree a price from how, where and how far.

We have transported uquipment for groups of skiiers who had a basecamp in the valleys in the Lyngen Alps. We have transported heavy equipment for filmteams in areas where snowmobiles are not allowed to go. If it is much equipment we can do several lifts. Another option is to film the dogs in action, or from the sledge.

With dogsled we can go where the snowmobiles are not allowed…

You may wonder why we have lower prices than most of the bigger companies.

As we are not connected to any of the booking agencies that takes half of your money, you pay only for the experience.

We are a small business with good solutions and low costs. We don’t even have a big fancy website, and you will not get served cold fish soup…. 🙂

When we buy something, we like to feel the price is fair compared to what is delivered. We want you to have that feeling after you met us!

Contact us:


Team Lyngen on Instagram or Facebook

Telephone: (+47) 47 31 47 67

Best regards Tommy, Team Lyngen

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