Who are Team Lyngen


Team Lyngen is a team of Alaskan Huskies competing in long distance races!
The team is run by Tommy Larsen from Furuflaten in Lyngen, together with my partner Ann-Heidi. We live and run a kennel about 3 km south of Lyngseidet, the center of Lyngen Municipality.


From the start of Pasvik Trail 2016. Our debut in the Open-class


Tommy & Ann-Heidi

The kennel was started in 2009 and now we have 18 Alaskan Huskies, one Elsa-husky, and the Bernese Mountain-dog Nomi.. The first competition season was the winter 2011. Three races was run with the young team of dogs. The Alta 2-days at 160 km, Troms Quest at 170 km and Pasvik-Trail at 300 km.

The season 2012 we participated in The Alta 2-days, The Finnmark race 500 km, and Pasvik Trail. This was a season with very poor snow conditions that made optimal training impossible. The first race went according to the plan. We finished NR 5 in Alta, we had to retire from the Finnmark Race half way. Both of the leaders had to be left to the handlers after 200 km due to minor injuries, and without them the rest of the team didn’t have enough discipline to continue the whole way even though we tried. In the Pasvik Trail we finished NR 13.

The plan for the 2013 season was to do the Troms Quest, and the Finnmark race again. The Troms Quest went well. We finished nr 4. This year it went better in the beginning of the Finnmark race, but once again lady luck was not on our side. We had to retire from the race in Karasjok, after going well for 300 km. 4 of the dogs had minor muscle problems, and the only right thing to do was to not continue.

In 2014, the competition season was cancelled in late january when one of my biggest stars, Mokke decided to eat a 4×3 cm rock and needed surgery on a Friday night. It took the whole race-budget to save him…

The 2015 season I decided not to race. The poor snow conditions this winter made me decide not to do any racing. However, we had many many nice days sledding in the mountains here, without having to do full race-training.

In 2016 we were back on the stage! We signed up for the Open-Class of the Pasvik Trail, and for the first time we would dance with the big boys and girls in this sport. It went well. We ended up being nr 8 out of 15 teams starting. Not bad when the focus was on having a nice trip, not pushing the dogs in an attemt to be in a top position. It was fun to race with a team of 12 dogs, even if it sometimes was scary to have that much power on the icy and tricky trails in the Pasvik Valley this year.

In 2017 we decided not to race. The snow was to late, and working and relaxing trips was the focus. In late July we also got a litter of 5 puppies. Our leader, Mie is the proud mother. The team is expanding and we have to think about the furure of the team. Some of the dogs are getting old, and will retire. Some of them here, some with nice families where they will have a retirement with hiking and camping, and sleeping on coaches.

Tommy Larsen started dog sledging in 2002. Until 2007 he competed with dogs owned by Tom Frode Johansen. Competed in many races with the victory in the 2006 Femund Race as his top result.

Races and results :

2005: Finnmarksløpet. The Finnmark Race   500 km     14. pos

2006: Femundløpet. The Femund Race          400 km       1. pos!
2007: Femundløpet. The Femund Race          400 km      25. pos

Pasvik Trail                                              300 km      18. pos
2011: Alta Todagers. Alta 2-days                     160 km       10.pos

Troms Quest                                             170 km      Scratched

Pasvik Trail                                               300 km       8.pos

2012: Alta Todagers. Alta 2-days                     160 km        5.pos

Finnmarksløpet. The Finnmark Race   500 km   Scratched

Pasvik Trail                                               300 km     13. pos

2013: Troms Quest                                              170 km      4. pos

2016: Pasvik Trail, Open Class.              300 km                 8. pos

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