The Huskies



Born: Spring 2009. Daughter of Mille and Max. 20 kg. Very fast and my main leader. She is full of charm and have a personality far bigger than her body!



Born: Spring 2009. Daughter of Mille and Max. Light, fast female. 21 kg. She is always doing the job and never seem to get tired.



Born: Spring 2009. Daughter of Mille and Max. 21 kg. The little strange girl! Want to be a leader and is very disappointed if not. But still not a very good leader. In races she tell me about other teams in front by barking and jumping, no matter how far we have been running!



Born: Spring 2009. Daughter of Mille and Max. Biggest female. 24 kg. Just as tall as the boys but built a bit more feminine. More polite now, but her hobby until she was 3 years old was to dig deep holes and run down people!



Born: Summer 2009. Daughter of Nadia and Jack. 20 kg. Very fast, good leader.  Always want to run faster.



Born: Spring 2009. Son of Mille and Max. Big and strong. 28 kg. A very tough leader with a very soft personality. Very nice and cozy. After his brother Koia passed away, he is now the King of Team Lyngen



Born: Summer 2009. Son of Roxy and Bamse, two very good leaders who have participated in many of the longest races in Europe several times, and the two leaders who made me win the 2006 Femund race in the snowstorm. Ginkgo is a copy of his father. Medium size male. 25 kg.



Born: Summer 2010. Son of Emma and Ginkgo. 24 kg. A very tough medium size boy who grew up having fun stealing food from the older dogs. They got angry, he just didn’t care and just ate their food! Totally respectless. If this guy was human, you would not let your daughter date him! Nothing scares him.



Born in 2012. 15 kg. The funny, charming kennel-dog and alternative-husky. Father is Irish setter, the mother is a…… dog….A good leader, but altough she say she is, she is not a race dog. Lots of energy and a personality far bigger than her size.



Ann-Heidi’s Bernese Mountain dog. Running behind the sled whenever we go camping. She is a trained Theraphy-dog, with papers saying how nice and polite she is. Big furry friend who will show you the way to coffee in the Gapahuk on the beach.



Born on July 2017. Doughter of Mie and Vouma. A naturally born leader. Full of energy, constantly annoying the others, but the greatest lead dog talent I have ever seen! Leader of the team on the second run of her life!



Born on July 2017. Doughter of Mie and Vouma. A very careful girl, but soooo cute and cozy. Don’t care about leading the team, but love to get extra attention, such as getting time in the coach in the house.



Born on July 2017. Son of Mie and Vouma. A funny and some say a little goofy boy. Playfull and a good sled dog. Slim body and a good runner. His eyes make him a favourite. One brown, one blue.



Born on July 2017. Son of Mie and Vouma. Named after the famous Australian, Skippy the bush cangaroo, but by accident and because we are Norwegian, the last letter in his registration papers is I… Should have known by now… To name a dog after a cangaroo is never a good idea!! He is more in the air than on the ground, and love to steal hats from your head! No matter how tall you are!! If you name a dog “Trouble”, you know what you get 🙂



Born on July 2017. Son of Mie and Vouma. As a small puppy, he was far bigger than the others, and his name is one of the Sami words for Mountain.

Varri is the most likely future King of Karnes! Always been less playfull than the others, and a bit more “royal” in his behaviour. A bit wolf-looking with his grey/black colors. A good leader and not afraid of anything.

He is also my new hiking-dog. It took me 20 seconds to teach him to stay behind me when we walk down steep hills, and he is crossing old bridges and rivers without thinking twice.