The Huskies


Born: Autumn 2004. Daughter of Mikki and Malten. The mother of 8 of the others on my kennel. Good leader and an experienced race-dog. Built for running fast from a family of very good race-dogs.




Born: Spring 2009. Daughter of Mille and Max (Langbein/Beauty). 20 kg. Very fast and my main leader. She is full of charm and have a personality far bigger than her body!




Born: Spring 2009. Daughter of Mille and Max. Light, fast female. 21 kg. She is always doing the job and never seem to get tired.




Born: Spring 2009. Daughter of Mille and Max. 19 kg. The little strange girl! Want to be a leader and is very disappointed if not. But still not a very good leader. In races she tell me about other teams in front by barking and jumping, no matter how far we have been running!




Born: Spring 2009. Daughter of Mille and Max. Biggest female. 24 kg. Just as tall as the boys but built a bit more feminine. More polite now, but her hobby until she was 3 years old was to dig deep holes and run down people!




Born: Spring 2009. Daughter of Mille and Max. Second biggest female. 23 kg. The most quiet at home, but the one jumping and barking before start with the team!




Born: Summer 2009. Daughter of Nadia and Jack. 20 kg. Very fast, good leader, and always want higher speed.




Born: Spring 2009. Son of Mille and Max. Biggest boy. 29 kg. Big, easy-running power plant! Run like a dream, with the power of a whole team!




Born: Spring 2009. Son of Mille and Max. Big and strong. 28 kg. A very tough leader with a very soft personality. Very nice and cozy and about as strong as Koia, but it is probably him you would consider safe for your living room!




Born: Spring 2009. Son of Mille and Max. A bit smaller than his two brothers, 25 kg, but this is the one many would describe as a perfect built race dog. Running like a dream.




Born: Summer 2009. Son of Roxy and Bamse, two very good leaders who have participated in many of the longest races in Europe several times. Ginkgo is a copy of his father. Medium size male. 25 kg. A dog I hope will be just as good as his parents!




Born: Summer 2010. Son of Emma and Ginkgo. 24 kg. My only “completely home made dog” A very tough medium size boy who grew up having fun stealing food from the older dogs. They got angry, he just didn’t care and just ate their food! Totally respectless. If this guy was human you would not let your daughter date him! But he is already a good leader. Nothing scares him.




Born: Summer 2008. Doughter of Nadia and Jack. 20 kg. She is the half sister of Uxi. I got her in 2014 and she was supposed to stay here for two weeks. She charmed her way into staying…. She is an experienced race dog with the longest race in Europe, the 1000 km Finnmarksløpet on her list. A strong and sweet personality, and a good leader.




Born in 2012. 15 kg. The funny, charming kennel-dog and alternative-husky. Father is Irish setter, the mother is a…… dog….A good leader, but altough she say she is, she is not a race dog.




Ann-Heidi’s Bernese Mountain dog. Running after the sled whenever we go camping.



Sari, Alfa, Skippi, Aika and Varri

The puppies born July 2017. On this picture they are 3 months old, having their first day with snow.



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